eft2This is one of the most effective, powerful, versatile and rapid healing techniques I have found in over 20 years of being in this field.

I’ve very successfully used EFT with clients to Clear anxiety, fears, blocked anger, release stress and trauma symptoms, a cold, relieve physical pain, remove long-held negative Beliefs and blockages to encourage the flow of abundance and success. EFT allows stuck energy to dissipate, usually permanently and very dramatically, within Minutes.

EFT is based on acupuncture but instead of needles we use our fingertips to tap on certain key energy points, whilst simultaneously vocalising your Issue. This combination of body work and psychology is key to clearing all manner of emotional, physical and spiritual pain.

The major advantage with EFT is that it can be practised by you, any time, anywhere. And so it is an amazing tool for self help. So you are not reliant on a practitioner all the time.

(Disclaimer: the EFT I practice is my Own version of the technique).