There are several different aspects of and reasons for doing shamanic work.

Shamanic Practitioners are healers who actively involve and partner with the spirit world, spirit guides, ancestral spirits, animals and plants to help bring healing in a person.

I can do shamanic healing with you for Healing emotional or physical pain, to help find your Power Animals, Spirit Guides and for Soul Retrieval. I would do this healing by doing what’s called a journey, by getting into a theta state–like a trance.

Soul Retrieval is done for Soul loss, a condition that occurs during a trauma, when a bit of the person’s soul may depart so that the individual can cope with the situation. So the person feels a chronic sense of loss, periodic depression, unable to settle into their own self, always feeling slightly anxious, low self worth, doubts their own goals and ability to achieve it, feels alienated from others–but unable to pinpoint a single source of their pain.

The person may also go through a chronic series of misfortunes–if there has been a history of such misfortune in the family, ancestral healing work may be required.

Examples of trauma may be something very ‘minor’ and private to a catastrophic bereavement, chronic physical illnesses and pain, accidents, rape, sexual abuse, divorce and so on.

Healing can be dramatic, or seem so natural as if the person was going to get better anyway and just did (and so you may feel you wasted your money getting a session)!! It can happen suddenly within a week or over a few weeks..

You know healing has happened when something shifts in your attitude, in your thinking, behaviour, and you feel and act different but not sure why, you feel more centred and substantial within.

The other very helpful shamanic work is to find your power animal/s—these are guardian spirits in animal form who are your best friend and protector. They watch over you, guide you, reassure you, nurture you. Finding your power animal and befriending him or her is one of the Best gifts you can give yourself.

Shamanic healing can be done in person or long distance.