Neo has a phenomenal wealth of knowledge of astrology, psychology, psychotherapy, hypnosis, past-life regression, shamanic healing, hypnosis and energy psychology (among others) that she combines with a sense of humor and a compassionate approach.  She is encouraging, but, above all, she wants to help you end your pain, be your best self and live your best life.
In reading my chart, Neo not only explained what she saw, she interpreted it and helped me understand what was going on based on my own personality and history.  She pointed out ways that I was engaging in self-sabotaging behaviors, and we discussed alternatives to help me break free of such behavior in the future. 
We did intensive work together over a two-week period.  Initially, I was apprehensive about the process, afraid of what might come out of it and how I might have to change some maladaptive coping behaviors and let go of some toxic people – and I wasn’t sure I was ready. 
However, I ultimately made the commitment to myself and with Neo’s help and positive attitude, we worked through a number of issues.  The psychological astrology was eye-opening, to say the least.  My shamanic journeys and past-life regressions (PLR) were both revealing and cathartic.  In one PLR, I was able to communicate with my long-deceased father, and actually hear him tell me that he was proud of me. It was amazing. The EFT sessions were intense and painful but also cleansing and healing at the same time.

I am happy to say that with Neo’s guidance and support, I have been able to slow down, identify and listen to my intuition, feel the energy around me, and speak my truth.  I have let go of a number of toxic relationships and do not have to urge to engage with such people based upon previously unmet needs.  In other day-to-day relationships, I try to engage in more authentic interaction and be true to myself.  In short, I wholeHEARTedly recommend a healing journey with Neo.  

Colleen B, USA

Hi Neo,

This is Subha (Guru`s wife). How are you??

I have been thinking about you since long time. I do not actually remember the day I met you. But i know how stressed and depressed I was at that time. I do not even remember what I shared with you and the conversation we had. I only remember that I cried when I shared my feelings with you, (a stranger) for me at that time. Guru gave very brief introduction about you when I first met you. Frankly speaking, I came to meet you because of him with very little interest to see you.

I Just suddenly went through your website and your linkedin profile today.

(Am still surprised with myself) I wanted to tell that the very first meeting with you has changed my life and the relationship with Guru & family. So much of positive energy came into my life. I wanted to say thanks for whatever you have done for me, but could not do so for some reason. It took so many days for me to share this with you.

I have shared with Guru many times that my meeting with you has changed my thinking & perspectives…..

I do have few problems (especially health) in my present life also but now my perspective towards life has changed so drastically. Still happy and trying to keep myself busy and move on with positive thinking and belief in God inspite of every day struggle.

I am really thankful to you for everything you did for me. Just wanted to share my feelings with you. I know that Guru is in touch with you. He really admires you and he often shared that you are one the wonderful and charming lady whom he met in life.


Gitanjali Chaturvedi, Author/Development Professional, New Delhi (India)
I met Neo at a time when I was under severe emotional and psychological stress and personal grief. It seemed as though everything in my life had gone horribly wrong. Being the control freak that I am, I gave her a time-frame. I wanted to sort myself out in a month. Neo worked hard with me and pulled all stops to ensure that we make progress through every session. She made me laugh, she jogged my brains for memories long forgotten, she made me weep. She gave me massive amount of home work! After every session, I got home feeling stronger and clearer. The universe started to conspire to work for me and just like that, things started to come together again. My recovery was nothing short of a miracle. Looking back, I realise how low I had sunk and Neo’s role in helping me feel like a rock star. Thank you, Neo! It’s been an amazing ride!
Amy Scher, Writer, USA
After being chronically ill for seven years of my young life, I had tried healers and alternative medicine practitioners all over the world at the recommendation of my doctor in the States. I have never had an experience like I did with Neo, even though I’d been to several other EFT sessions. I literally felt years of fear and anxiety drain out of me during our first session which I know has greatly encouraged my physical healing process. She helped me discover parts of myself that were impeding on my wellness. It all felt so natural. Neo is a bright light in this world and meeting her has changed my life infinitely.”
Meemie Kemper, Art Tutor at the American Embassy School, New Delhi (India)
Hi Neo,

I don’t know if you remember me, but I took your EFT class on money over a year ago. I appreciate and read your astrology notes every month and wanted to thank you. This month, the news about getting rid of guilt has been particularly helpful. …. and on the way back from Canada developed a horrible middle-back ache. I’ve never had a back ache before, and in reading in Louise Hay’s book “You Can Heal Your Life” she attributes middle back problem with GUILT! Ha, ha! I think what is rising is all my guilt (probably from many lifetimes) of not treating people with respect and so I used EFT to try to release it! Thanks so much for the guidance and again, I really appreciate your time and energy in keeping me on track!

Love, Meemie

Geeta Oberoi, Reiki Practioner, Kolkata
Hi and thank you very much for the wonderful tip you have given on releasing Guilt,though i am a little blessed and have no guilt for the time being but i will always remember this method and bless you everytime i use this method,a lot many people will definitely benefit from this method,thank you once again,love,light and peace.
Ebru P, London
“Neo first helped me in finding my exact birth time based on the dates on major events in my life. Then, after a course of combined astrology and EFT sessions with Neo, I understood the major influences and patterns in my life, why I was attracting the type of events and people that were in my life and what I could do about those. Neo is a very positive and fun person; it is great to be around her and I felt like I was seeing a friend for coffee when I was with her. She gives great guidance and is very supportive. With her help, I had the strength and courage to make a major change in my life and have not regretted it.”
Sharbani Das gupta, Artist, USA (After One Session)
The lotus grows on me the longer I see it. My mind is full with thoughts of our session. I wish I had recorded it. Planning to make notes tonight so I don’t forget too much. Feeling better. Thank you—so very much.”
Nirmal Ghosh, The Strait Times, Bangkok
“Neo’s readings for me have been startlingly accurate, and she combines her knowledge with a sensitivity and insight that has helped me significantly, in making sense of events and developments at critical times.”
Ray Mia, London
The best testimony of Neo’s acute abilities, are to impart with you my personal journey over the last four years.

I’ve always been a colossal sceptic, and stringently never trust in “accepted truths” and so when I looked for answers, I looked long and hard at what kind of answers I wanted to hear. It was Neo that taught me that it is the answers you don’t want to hear that supply more truth to the questions you have, and interestingly, why you’re asking the questions in the first place.

My experience of finding Neo was as simple as asking the Internet for the answers I thought I needed. After looking at her website, I did some basic research in the fields she is an expert in, and found myself open to a non-traditional analysis of my questions. Traditional therapy just was not what I wanted, needed or could accept.

What I found in our consultations was more than mere answers. I contacted Neo, and as quickly as I had made the decision to seek her advice, I was faced with the very recurring situation I had fought so hard to avoid, a feeling of frustration and a lack of immediate clarity regarding the place I wanted to be in life.

For a year after first consulting with Neo, a conversation I had kept at arms length because of my inherent scepticism, I nonetheless deliberately employed Neo’s words to my everyday understanding of the way I acted, the way I worked, and more importantly, the way I allowed myself to shape the world I lived in as reality is 100% your own perception of it. Neo’s words had a profound and immediate effect on the way I looked at myself, and the way in which I dealt with situations in my life and work.

I even made a conscious decision on a vital career choice based on her analysis as I felt I might as well be open to another way of dealing with the situation. For two years there was a subtle but sustained change in my personal growth and professional direction. In not so much time, I was back in business, back off the ropes I had believed I was on, and very much heading in the direction I’ve always believed I deserved.

It was two years later that I decided to make a series of further appointments to see Neo once more, having not met during our first series of consultations, which were all conducted via email or on the telephone. I was back to square one, my personal ground zero that seemed to materialise after a short while. This was when the real work began and continues today because of what Neo can bring about in your life.

What I’ve found is that Neo helps you to find your own words, and your own truths. During my second series of appointments I started to delve deeper into my own thoughts, even though I had always believed that I looked at myself, my actions and reactions, closer than most people.

After our conversations, and after many hours of reflection, I have not looked back.

I work in media, specifically television and film production, which is a tough business with a very large number of bright, driven, ambitious and talented people, there are also many congenital morons who are grotesquely selfish.

What Neo taught me, was to understand myself, believe in my own abilities and to look at the root causes of my recurring inability to translate positive situations and professional circumstances into flourishing trade, and more importantly, a less stressful, enjoyable and sustainable life. I started my own production company and with Neo’s support, guidance and great understanding, I could not be more happy with the direction my world is moving in.

Those of you that would not find Neo of great help are those that do not want to be helped, it really is that simple.

Rob Iomazzo, New York
“Your incredible and shockingly accurate insight has given me (us) the ability to understand myself better therefore allowing me to live a richer, more meaningful life.”
Sheree Niemax, London
Hi Neo

I just thought I’d drop a line to tell you how grateful I am for your help, the information you gave me is the most valuable thing I have ever received in my life.

I did speak to my husband and we both cried for two days. I think for the first time he has realised how the situation has been affecting me and he also apologised for all the stress his behaviour has caused over the past 3 years.

The following day, I bought myself a couple of self help books, the first on self-esteem and the other on assertiveness. The reading brought to my attention how much self confidence I have lost over the years and I’ll need plenty of that to rebuild my life.

A few of my friends are interested in contacting you so I have forwarded your contact details and the link to your website.

I will keep in contact as I am interested in further EFT and other astrological charts.

Thank you so much Neo, you’re a god send !

Lisa Lesniak-Smith, London
Neo is a very gifted astrologer and counsellor. She has guided me through one of the most difficult periods in my life and allowed me to gain perspective and insight into my psychological journey. She has enriched my psyche and enabled me to take control of issues in my life which were spiralling out of control.

Neo employs a holistic approach and combines astrology with other effective treatments and solutions. I strongly recommend her services to anyone struggling to deal with the complexities of every day life.

TB. Wealth management, Investment firm, London
Neo is an intelligent and profound woman with whom I have shared many personal thoughts. She has great energy and psychological understanding, and her mind sees far into the soul. This is no self improvement, but a new kind of therapy which considers your past tendencies, your future possibilities and your present state of mind, your present attitude towards life. Neo is a soul investigator and she can tap right into the obscure zones of your life, bringing them back to the light, in a way that does not simply imply confrontation and understanding of the issues, but more importantly how to use negative experiences to move beyond them, and realise the existence of new alternatives in life. Neo is also a healer, a guide, with the ability to combine many disciplines like EFT, astrology, psychology and mythology. I have learned a great lesson from her, which is of course related to my particular case: there are reasons which cannot be understood today, but they will come back to you as valuable answers at an unexpected date, for the unconscious knows more than the conscious and it dictates our directions in life. Neo told me once “life is not meant to be a struggle, it is all about how we wish to live” and I believe her statement tells a powerful truth.
Maat Barlow. Writer, Yoga Instructor, London
It was always a delight to go and see Neo. She is a lovely woman and has a great ability to go straight to key points. After years of trying to understand why things are as they are, she was able to show a connection that was fundamental to verything I did. That part of the chart is now imprinted in my head, and with the technique of EFT, the soul retrieval experience and her wise and heart-felt advice, I feel as though I have been given a truly wonderful gift.
Karine Andrade, London
After only two sessions with Neo my attitude towards food changed completely. Now I feel better about myself and can see that my body has already started changing.
Phil West, Professional Wildlife Guide/Survival expert, Africa
I was incredibly fortunate to meet Neo and her lovely husband Subhash in Kenya and then take them on a safari to Botswana last year. It would not be an understatement to say that my life and focus has changed dramatically since meeting this incredible couple. Neo has done several transits for me and they answered questions that I had asked myself, without success for many years. Their incredible insight was nothing short of astounding and I have managed to incorporate several points into my daily life; assessing the way I feel about myself, how I view relationships, my business and general outlook on life. The guidance and strength that Neo gives me is magical, I am incredibly lucky to have met her and I would recommend that everyone gets a Neo Transit done!
Sheena Chohan, Model, India
I would like to say I am so grateful to have encountered my angel in disguise—Neo and for all my divinely guided experiences through her. My experiences of her predictions, soul retrieval, EFT and above all her channel of love and guidance, which opened my heart, have helped me understand, forgive and heal my life completely, from within and without.

All I can say is that I feel blessed to have Neo as my guide, best friend and angel who’s always there at all times. For one to experience what I share with Neo, one just needs to have faith and trust that miracles are happening every moment in our lives.

Dianamaria.B.Pacchioni. Marketing Director, American Express
These charming sessions … deep exploration of my life has been so good and so useful, with a light mix of past, present and future… A rare treat to be savoured.
Gary Craig, Creator of EFT
Fortunately, the basics of EFT are quite simple … so simple, in fact, that it can be used effectively for those having only minimal educations. In this article, Neo Pachisia from the UK took EFT to India and conducted a workshop entirely in the HINDI language. As you will see, quality results ensued and it was subsequently used in a carpet factory for mostly semi-literate people.
R. Srinivasan, Resident Editor, Indian Express, India
I don’t really go for astrology, but Neo’s reading–not just of my charts but of myself as a human being–stunned me. It was insightful, thought-provoking and worrisomely accurate on some aspects–you know how it is, everybody knows things about themselves and their emotions which they believe they are successfully masking from the world. I strongly recommend a reading – it will definitely change your own perceptions about you.
Robert Coleman, London, UK
When a friend gave me the unusual Christmas present of a horoscope reading, I was skeptical and slightly disappointed. I associated all things astrological with a waste of time. Yet when I went for my reading with Neo, I was surprised at how accurate the reading was. At the time of my reading I was emotionally at a low ebb and felt a failure and was chronically depressed. Among other things, Neo pointed out that the main trend in my chart now was one of change, maybe turmoil and confusion but certainly transition. This I found reassuring at the time and now, with some 18 months hindsight it seems prophetic. I feel inwardly I have changed so much that it would have seemed unlikely then. This is not to say that everything in my life is now ‘wonderful’, such a thing was never promised. Also other pointers in the reading have to some degree given me a greater faith in my own future, a gift that is beyond price. To turn a cynic like me into an agnostic is a feat by itself; to having a healthy respect not just for astrology but for any honest, competent and humane astrologer, such a one Neo is without a doubt.
Nora M. Hendrycks, Manager, American Express, UK
When I first set up the appointment, I was a bit skeptical but no more than five minutes into the chart reading I was amazed. The timing and inevitability of certain events in my past were made clear as were various struggles and challenges. I have become more aware of my innate traits (both positive and negative) and have tried to incorporate them and make adjustments in my life to improve my relationships.
Praveen Vajpeyi, NYC
In the summer of 1999, Neo had read my chart and helped me understand the changes that were turning my world upside down! She had suggested I prepare myself for some radical changes in life. This I did. And, followed my dream of pursuing a graduate degree in design in the US (unlikely decision for a successful Indian at the age of 36.) All my problems with the visa (the first application was rejected) were shrugged off by Neo! “Apply again, please! You will be in the US in three months….” And I was. My world has changed… and Neo remains a source of strength and helps me find meaning and some more questions, to lead a fulfilling life!