Sonu Nigam’s chart analysis

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Analysing charts of celebrities along with their biographies is one of the best ways to learn or teach astrology. So although this is not going to be a thorough detailed analysis, it could be interesting for both the layperson and for those studying astrology. I’m a Psychological Astrologer Western method–which is different from Vedic astrology.

(The reason I’ve chosen Sonu’s chart is, apart from the fact that I think he is a very good singer/musician, we met at Brussels airport last year and got chatting a bit and I thought it might be fun).

To respect his privacy (or those of any other charts I do) I will not go into details about his private life.

Sonu’s Natal Chart

Sonu is a double Leo and has three other planets in fire signs! So half of all his 10 planets are in fire–that is combustible, spontaneous, passionate, visionary. The sun is also in its natural house–the 5th, along with the moon–this is the house of self-expression, love affairs, Sonu is basically very childlike, quite self absorbed, NEEDS to express himself, HAS to be seen. And a total Romantic–any wonder then that he is best at love songs!

Moon trines Mars in Aries and they make a trine with the MC–so a grand trine in fire signs which includes the MC (which is the angle that denotes goals and career) is a promise of successful achievement of whatever he desires!

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