Virgo New Moon on Aug 25th

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“Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and right doing there is a field. I’ll meet you there.”

Hi everyone

Now that I’ve returned from the swamplands of my soul after a five year long sojourn—no, not a good destination— I’m thinking of resuming my Free! monthly newsletter , updating all you mostly lovely folks on the astrological weather every month along with my occasional deep insights and self-help techniques.

So this New Moon today, 25th august, in 2 degrees of Virgo is almost perfect timing as it is a sign ruled by the god Hermes aka Mercury, symbolic of the mind, analysing, being of service, being useful and productive (and of course pricey brands!).

Virgo rules the 6th house in the natural chart, an area showing interaction between mind and body, so health, your work—including employees and employers, your daily routine.

As you know, New Moons (up to say 3-4 days after) are most opportune for starting new ventures, planting seeds, making Intentions and Goals.

So if it were just an unimpeded Virgo new moon, we’d have an astoundingly productive month. But this new moon is opposite the mighty lord of the seas, Neptune, also the ruler of the sign Pisces.

Virgo and Pisces are opposite signs in the zodiac and therefore represent opposite qualities.

The astrologers’ joke about Pisceans is if you tell them, ‘looks like you had a hard time this last year’, they say most confused—‘did I?’. Or if you say, “looks like you had a very good time this last year.” The reply is a most confused, “did I?”

Meaning, there is a disconnect from what you know as real and solid and therefore a profound sense of confusion, or you can say since nothing is solid anyway Pisces may be deemed spiritual, represent mysticism, deep feelings of nostalgia, of day or night dreams, of the oceans, illusions and deceptions.

So this month’s options, based on the opposition, will read something like this: actually let me give you an example, as happened to me just yesterday—the good thing is it showed me exactly how this month can go if I don’t actively schedule some ‘dreamtime’.

An inveterate insomniac I was awake at 3 am—got out of bed and had some tamarind candy, went back to bed and tossed about trying to find a good position until 5:30.

Once resigned to not being able to sleep, I sat down for my meditation and happily continued until 7:00. Very happy still I did the morning journal writing, gym etc and so by noon was really pleased with how productive I’d been.

But started feeling listless and tired and by 4 pm dropped into the couch for a 15 minute nap which turned into an hour fifteen! Woke up grumpy and unhappy and complained about useless day.

The point here is I need to be better prepared for sleepless hours and be ok if I have to suddenly drop off.

Therefore during this month, the cheap and easy and totally useless options for you’ll are:

Watch TV and drink alcohol;
Ignore your health and body.
Get into finicky details about house cleaning
Feel like a victim
The better options:

Start visualising and working on a business plan
Perfect time to take those music, painting, pottery or mosaic lessons you’ve been thinking about;
Consult a nutrition expert;
Get a massage;
Do dream analysis
Start meditating
Take feedback from your staff on how they are feeling about their work
Walk by the sea if you are able to
Drink wine or not 🙂
In other words, you can’t just live in one end of the opposition. For instance, (here comes deep dilemma)…while showering today I began feeling a bit low about how boring it was—this bloody daily routine and although my Dove shower cream is very nourishing it’s a bit dull isn’t it. I am considering breaking open a new bottle of the heavenly-scented Molton Brown citrus something which is a bit drying for skin not to mention very expensive. So now I am stuck—should I go for useful or for glamour!

So make an intention based on the good options above within the next couple of days and write it down and see what happens to it around the full moon on September 9.

In other news, on Sept 14th, Mars, the action god changes signs from Scorpio to Sagittarius. In Scorpio he is strong and powerful and quiet—a bit like a Navy Seal on a stealth mission. In Sagittarius, Mars is like Vin Diesel in Triple X—hot and happening.

It’s a generally good couple months for adventure sports, travelling, going out of your comfort zone and taking a few risks but don’t take me entirely on my word as it also depends on what this Mars is doing in your birth chart..

On the 22nd, Mars squares Neptune and so a few days around it will feel like you are boxing underwater. Whatever efforts you make don’t seem to have the desired outcome. Much work for less pay kind of thing so you might end up feeling frustrated and irritated. But since you are being alerted in advance, you will remember this know it will pass.

However, on the 25th is a nice transit between Jupiter and Uranus which will lift you out of the doldrums, open up your mind and vistas. This is a good few days to plan a party, take a break, do some paragliding.

To sum it up: You can make use of this month’s energies to combine reason with faith and come up with something deeply satisfying or fritter away on fripperies. In any event, you have my love and Blessings.

warmest always


A brief astrological commentary here:

New moons are events when the sun and moon come together in conjunction in the heavens.

There are 12 signs in the zodiac belt—it’s like a 360 deg band around a birth chart aka horoscope. This 360 circle, like a cake, is divided into 12 segments called Houses. Each House of the cake is ruled or governed by a sign, like aries, taurus etc. Each House also has a Landlord who is a planet whom we consider a God—some planets rule two signs. As if they are landlords of two properties.

Each House represents certain areas or aspects of your life. So three things of note here: House, Sign, Planet—each of which represent different things.


If you have questions or comments please do not hesitate to contact. I have just launched my fresh new website created by one very unusual young man of substance, Pramir Jain of Delhi and I’ll be adding offers for readings and sessions.

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