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Hello Everyone


It feels like I just wrote the last New Moon article and here we are back again—this time on Kali Puja and Diwali and New Moon in 19 degrees of Scorpio, all falling on the 11th of November.

Scorpio and Kali are aligned in many ways in that Kali is Scorpionic energy—dark, intense, transformative, passionate and unrelenting.

Kali’s energy can be frightening as it can destroy your “demons” or force you to confront them, introduce you to aspects of yourself like shame, secrets you’d rather not face, fears of all kind including those blocking you from moving forward in life. These encounters don’t have to be literal—can be symbolic, metaphorical, through dreams, therapeutic work.

(For instance last night I dreamt of thick strands of hair coming off my scalp eeeekk or what..horror movie time. Scared the daylights out of me as I woke up feeling shaken—looking at my new Korres hair conditioner with deep suspicion even though I Know the dream is a metaphor. What am I terrified of losing! What does ‘hair’ represent to me—strength, vigour, desire? In so many religious/spiritual traditions, first thing an initiate does is shave off their heads! In India, loss of a parent traditionally involved the sons having to shave off their heads.. so you get the idea?)

Pay close attention to all events happening these days—it may seem minor but have huge insights.

New Moons symbolise new beginnings and so this would be an auspicious time to start a project that involves dealing with some of these issues or doing some shadow work.

This intensity and events around here are likely to kick-start a major transit that’s already been affecting everyone and will continue to for most of 2016. This is the transit of Saturn square Neptune which is exact three times :
November 26, 2015,
June 18, 2016
September 10, 2016.

This transit has already been working in the background at least last couple of months but becomes stronger as it comes closer to exact. Also these bigger cycles get activated by faster moving and more personal planets like Mercury which will be conjunct Saturn on November 26th, with a Full Moon as well.

This transit deserves a separate write up of it’s own but probably best to restrict myself to a brief summary although I know most of you absolutely love long articles 😏.

Saturn is really popular in India and other parts as well as a deity/planet you’d ideally want in someone else’s chart 🙂

He is the principle of reality and governs all structures in our life—be it your spine, skin, a building, a job, a marriage, family, wealth—anything that gives you a sense of stability and boundary. He also generates fear and insecurity given his reputation as a strict disciplinarian, lord of karma, responsibility, authority. As example if you have Saturn in your 2nd house of money, you will always feel insecure about money and therefore work to save, manage it carefully and eventually may become quite wealthy or perhaps an authority on money in some way!

Neptune, the God of Oceans, represents going beyond what is ‘real’, he represents, dreams and disappointments, disillusion and loss, mysticism and spirituality. He is often very strong in the charts of artists and musicians and con-artists as well.

In myth Saturn was the father of Neptune and they didn’t get along at all. So in your charts and lives this period marks the start of a tussle (well a battle really) between these two gents.

Saturn will try to hold on to what gives it stability and Neptune will come over it like a tsunami. The harder you cling, the more painful it gets.

There are good and less good ways of dealing with these two deities—ideally I would duck, get out of the way but if you can’t—in other words if they are closely aspecting any planets or points in your chart you will have to choose how to relate to the events that ‘happen’ to you as fate.

Traditionally we are told to expect things like depression, ailments of unknown origin, confusion—more than normal, loss of what makes you feel secure so sense of anxiety, grief, feeling dis-empowered, victimized.

And the more upbeat side of saturn and neptune (ha!) even when they are battling can be concretising of dreams and visions becoming reality. It can bring discipline to your meditative, spiritual and artistic pursuits. If you keep dreaming of playing the piano, this is a good time to join a class, hire a tutor. If you want to paint, ditto. If you want to write poetry, take regular walks in nature.

Both Sagittarius and Pisces are ruled by Jupiter so your spiritual and religious attitudes and practices and beliefs will undergo a sea change. Sagittarian spirituality is more goal orientated, sorta—taking a course, going on a pilgrimage, finding a guru, joining a sangha, it’s more a search for meaning and very philosophical of course.

Piscean spirituality is more mystical, more tuned to devotion, longing for the divine, for connection, communion and communication with spirit and spirit guides.

If they are not making close aspects to anything in your chart, you are free to pass to ‘phew’.

But if they are, I could suggest a few brief and totally inadequate key phrases. Saturn is at 7 degrees of Sagittarius and Neptune at 7 degrees of Pisces—so 3-11 are critical degrees in your chart, anything between these degrees, especially in a major aspect, will feel the effect and the closer the number to exact the more the impact.

So for instance:
If aspecting your Sun (as with me 😖) your sense of Self, who you are and what you want from your life will erode and dissolve and some new areas of what or who you can be start opening up.

With Mercury, how you think, communicate, how you even travel even mode of travel, how your mind works, how you trade will be affected.

Venus: Your close and intimate relationships especially with women, your sense of self worth, your values, money and wealth.

Mars: Potential loss of vitality and vigour, physical and psychological, relationships with men, your desire nature, how you assert yourself.

Jupiter: This is going to be very interesting as both Pisces and Sagittarius are ruled by Jupiter. See above.
So have a wonderful month, creative and blessed and:

My deepest wishes for a very Happy, Abundant and Healthy Diwali for you and yours.
Until next time
Much Love.


Neo Pachisia

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My conscious study of metaphysics began in early 1992 when I got married and moved to Chicago and while on that first year on a sabbatical as a journalist, I began buying and borrowing everything I could on spirituality and then on healing. We soon moved to New York and in 1995 I read one book on astrology and knew I had found my path–yes it was really as dramatic as that. I began studying astrology in New York with NCGR and an online course with the Faculty of Astrological Studies in London.I Certified in Hypnotherapy and got my first paying client.
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