Full Moon August 2012

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Hello Everyone,

It’s 2:17 am and the moon is full and silver and translucent in the charcoal sky, right above Hampstead! And here I am increasingly indifferent to my insomnia, doing all manner of things in the quiet night including munching on buttered popcorn as I type this.

I’ve been glued to the TV and now feel overdosed on the butterfly and 50 metres and what not. Before the opening we here were warned everyday about how jolly busy it was all going to get and some of the tube stations would be closed and the cycling routes that would necessitate shutting down many motorways for hours. So last week when we went to visit friends near Heathrow, the roads were entirely traffic less! People freaked out, stocked up and stayed in.

And if it’s not the events it’s the scandals giving us plenty of entertainment e.g the cheeky badminton girls rightfully sent back.

So it’s been an odd sort of month, hasn’t it? Festive and cheery on the one hand and frustrating as usual on the other.

And with this full moon in Leo one of the major issues will have surfaced in our lives. That is, the need to Be SEEN. All of us want to matter in some way, to someone. Achieve something that gives our lives some meaning.

The reason some of this is connected with Leo is that it’s the sign that most overtly needs to be seen! The sign that HAS to have attention and is often not shy about letting you know it. So Leos often choose careers which place them in the spotlight. They like being the centre of attention in any party, gathering etc.

But even if you are not Leo sun sign, everyone has Leo somewhere in their charts and the placement shows the area where you can shine.

So in order to get some guidance on what it is that we need to do in order to feel visible, I did the osho tarot and have to say it’s a stunning spread.

As usual, my question to the Universe and all our guides is, what is being revealed to us on this full moon, on all levels–the physical and material, the emotional, mental, spiritual and what is the special message from our High Self.

These are the cards that came up:

Physical/Material level–Success

The card is spot on for the moment we are in. It’s a Fire card with a person riding a tiger (close enough to a Lion) looking like he/she is on top of the world with confetti falling on him, celebrating, being celebrated.

I think it’s a good time as any to define what success means to us. Give it some thought. Is it having a fantastic career/doing what? Have loving relationships with people/by doing what? Making a lot of money, etc etc.

What is our speciality, what is that one unique thing that we do or are that nobody does better. All of us cannot be olympic champions, we may never reach those levels of glory, fame, wealthy, abilities.

But if we can find that one thing that is unique to us, it will help us get to the point where we can SEE OURSELVES.

Emotional level—Playfulness

What’s your emotional status these days? Are you having any fun at all. Playing at all? Or are you spending your days stressing over one thing or another. I’ve noticed that one of the times when I feel I am playing and therefore most relaxed is when I am doing my painting. When I get into it I can get lost for 3-4 hours.

And yet in the last several days I haven’t picked up the brush at all–why–takes up too much time! And it’s not like I am busy saving the world!

Ok so I need to make a decision here that I Will spend some time painting every other day if not every day.

Mental level–The Outsider

This is almost spooky card for me personally. It shows a small child looking out through a grilled gate which is padlocked but he is not realizing that the lock is open–he can go out.

Maybe there has been an incident in your life, some kind of traumatic situation that has alienated you from others, from god, from life itself. You are unable to get back into the flow of life, maybe have lost faith or motivation or purpose of any kind.

Osho here says, that you have to go inward to find the connection with the universe. It reminds me that over the last few weeks I’ve even barely meditated, although I love it. Strangely enough it was also feeling a bit self-indulgent, waste of time!

Spiritual level —Beyond Illusion

Again this card is speaking of going inward, meditating to differentiate between, to start with, what is really important in our lives and what is a lot of drama.

Remember what wayne dyer said once, “don’t sweat the small stuff and it’s ALL small stuff.”

I think many of us are in that transition stage–where we are beginning to see what is the truly important in our lives but don’t yet have the courage to follow that path.

There is much confusion about what we should be doing and the only way we can find the answers is by going inward.

Message from High Self–Flowering (Same as Last time–so really emphasizing it!!)

The card shows a voluptuous woman seated on a lotus enjoying music, lots of colors–perhaps she is your muse who is flinging about seeds of creativity without worrying where they fall–again repeating the message of the second card, “playfulness” — to have fun, to enjoy yourself and who knows, something of great value may emerge from that.

This spread is so much about celebrating, feeling the lightness of being, playing. Maybe that is the path that will take us out of our self-created prisons.

Worth trying for a month isn’t it. Just doing at least one activity that gives us pleasure. Go for a walk (without the headphones!!), paint, join a singing class, salsa class, get into aromatherapy–this has been another is one of my hobbies for 15 years now–and it’s great fun making your own perfume, or shower gel or lotion and potion.

There are 100s of things you could do and really not a single reason why you can’t. So Just Do It–I will too.

Until next time, be well, Have fun.



Neo Pachisia

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After 20+ years of Studying and Practising Shamanic Healing, Mediumship, Energy Therapies, Alchemy, Psychology, Mythology and so forth--I have come to the grand conclusion that Healing happens Deo Concedente-God Willing I can be an instrument of healing, a very good one, used by spirit but eventually, the contract is between you and your Higheer Self. In the meanwhile I see clients on Skype, sometimes in person. I live in UK and India. God Bless
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