Final Endings & Fiery New Beginnings, Solar Eclipse in Pisces, March 2015

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Hello Everyone,

Welcome to this sensational Super Moon, Total Solar Eclipse in the Last degree of the zodiac, 29 deg 29 minutes of Pisces, and of course the Spring Equinox on the same day as the Sun enters 0 deg of Aries—to mark the start of a new ‘natural’ year.

I know, I know what does it all mean?—are we buggered?—He he..Not Yet.

But this is as if the universe is saying SOMETHING in Bold, Capital Letters, Underlined and then Italicised it! Bit of an overkill in my opinion but who can argue with the cosmos.

And IMHO it’s saying:

1. A big cosmic cycle and the smaller cycles within it are coming to an end in our lives. Events signifying this can occur in a six month period —3 months before and after.

2. Solar Eclipses represent a phenomena that used to scare the bejesus out of us years ago and even now, when you read about all the damage it can do to your eyes, I may just sleep in on the 20th morning.

3. All this excitement is happening in Pisces, a water sign and the last sign in the zodiac, to be followed by a quick and aggressive beginning in a fiery Aries.

5. One way or another this eclipse will effect everyone but have special significance for those who have planets in their natal charts aspecting the eclipse degree. It’s somewhat like those within the zone of Totality will be able to feel the fallout most clearly and others will feel reverberations.

The big Cosmic cycle, the Lunar Nodal cycle began approx. 18 years ago March 1997.

Where were you then and what was happening, what grand themes were ending and beginning in your life? If you think about those you will have clarity on what’s happening now.

I am hearing about friends and clients who are going through some profound changes—leaving long-held jobs, moving countries, corporate downsizing forcing such changes on them, disconnecting from relationships and renewing old contacts or making new friends, new people and situations coming in whether they like or not.

Since all this is happening in Pisces, think of flooding or erosion on the shores, not earthquakes—although in the end the effect may be the same—chaos and uncertainty leading to considerable anxiety.

There’s also the forthcoming elections in England and we have to choose a side even if we don’t want to—lesser of the two incompetent and all that.

And eclipses have been especially significant for royalty—but I am not going to go there—except that the Biggest shocker in 1997 was the accident and passing of Princess Diana!

( You can skip this personal bit below if you want.

In 1997 I was in New York and had applied to the ‘Harvard’ of astrology schools and moved to England early in 1998. At the time we thought we were moving here for 2 years! Since then we’ve gone back to the States several times but will not be setting up home there again.

So what seemed to be a small, temporary move changed the course of our lives.

Also for me personally, the move marked the beginning of discovering my vocation and a lifelong commitment to the world of occult and esoterica and healing.

Now we’ve moved back to London and to virtually the same old neighbourhood in Hampstead! Chaos prevails, stress of a house move as everyone knows but still I find there’s much, much to be grateful for.

In 1997 my intention was to become just an Astrologer, now I have expanded into the shamanic, mediumship and energy healing zone. End of my ambition to teach astrology).

Among other things, Pisces represents water and the dissolution by it, the feeling nature, spirituality and your own connection to spirit, and the fertile ground of creativity of all kind. Pisceans can be martyrs and victims, genuinely sacrificing and manipulative, musicians and artists, addicted to hashish or playing the flute in some yoga studio!

This is a Perfect time and I can’t emphasize this enough, to voluntarily release and let go of something that has been blocking and stopping you from getting on with what you want in doesn’t have to be timed exactly with Friday..I think this is too good an opportunity to have such a small window. So anytime during the next week or two should be good.

Make a list, tap it out, burn it, do some ritual, call the gods.

Then since it is also new beginnings do the same but this time, also keep a copy of these lists—get help to release and to acquire new skills, new beliefs, new behaviour patterns, new dreams.

Do things the way YOU want to, not the way you have been told to for 300 years. I know these are brave words but it could be just One small something that you do differently.

What you can’t release, transmute.

Closing with a quote sent by my dearest friend Jane which I find supremely reassuring:

“The only thing required of you is to allow all your raging desires to relax into preferences. Then EVERYTHING will be done THROUGH You and FOR You, not BY you.” Nisarghatta Maharaj

Stay Blessed,

Much love

Neo Pachisia

Neo Pachisia

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After 20+ years of Studying and Practising Shamanic Healing, Mediumship, Energy Therapies, Alchemy, Psychology, Mythology and so forth--I have come to the grand conclusion that Healing happens Deo Concedente-God Willing I can be an instrument of healing, a very good one, used by spirit but eventually, the contract is between you and your Higheer Self. In the meanwhile I see clients on Skype, sometimes in person. I live in UK and India. God Bless
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