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Hi Everyone

I’ve left it a bit late but would be terribly remiss as your favourite astrologer if I didn’t update you on this very significant and fiery lunar eclipse in 15 Degrees of Aries.

First the astrology of it: This full moon (a lunar eclipse is a full moon with a twist) is Conjunct (next to) Uranus, making a Grand Trine (a Triangle) with Jupiter in Leo and Mars in Sagittarius—both fire signs as well. Also the eclipse is squaring Pluto—the god of endings and beginnings, permanent transformation and also healing.

Now in English.

Any eclipse is significant for all of humanity but more so for those who have planets around the degree, in this case between 13 to 17 of virtually any sign, in this case.

Moon next to the rebel Uranus could be a sudden, chaotic kind of event that shakes you out of your complacency and forces you to awaken to something really important.

Fire is Yang and an Active element symbolising vision, passion, faith and spirit, inspiration and possibilities. A triangle is a flowing aspect and things move easily and effortlessly for the planets in a trine—even if it’s ‘bad’ things—there are no obstacles on the path.

On this manic wednesday/a couple of weeks actually, the action is likely to be triggered by Mars which rules the sign Aries—which as I said in a previous note is a lot like Vin Diesel on Speed! The 3rd player in this triangle is the God Zeus, resplendent and commanding in Leo.

High drama is indicated in your lives if you have planets anywhere near these guys.

Last week, in keeping with this energy I got myself harnessed to a large ‘umbrella’ and jumped off a high mountain in Switzerland—participating in an Extreme sport called paragliding.

When I signed up I wasn’t actually thinking was I. This is what spontaneous fire energy can do. Shoot first think later. Then with a heart beating so loud I could hear it above the wind on top of the mountain, I voluntarily ran three steps and leaped out into space. After the first five minutes of sheer adrenalin rush, I actually enjoyed myself and plan to do it again soon.. heh heh.

This eclipse will help you become free of a lot of fears and ideas if you just take a few steps yourself. It IS scary and especially if you are Fixed or Earth signs which have a hard time dealing with change and who really need stability to feel safe.

But stability can also mean stuck-ness and Uranus will not even bother discussing a phased series of changes. You either jump yourself or he will jump you.

There is the Sun muttering about balance and moderation at the opposite end, in Libra and yes that would be very sensible—but Libra is an Air sign, an ally to Fire so is not likely to protest too loudly.

Libra, as I mentioned before, is a very aggressive sign itself and blend it with a dash of Faith, large measure of religion and anger, some high-octane rashness—the result is a very combustible blend of molotov cocktail which could very easily turn the winds of war already blowing into a serious conflagration. Most worrisome.

Mercury is Retrograde in Scorpio until the 26th of October—at its best this could be a period of deep, soulful reflection or at it’s worst vengeful brooding, adding fuel to a potential eruption say maybe in December when Uranus does the 2nd square with Pluto—more on this later maybe.

Anyhow so to sum it up—high energy period could be turned to your advantage if you can take a leap of faith and go with changes that are bound to be happening if the eclipse is aspecting much in your chart. Not a time to dither—even if you are not really sure, take a chance. It Will generate anxiety (I’ve been tapping myself silly the last 3-4 days) but as Rumi says, “the whole universe exists inside you; ask all from yourself.”

If you want to know more about how this eclipse will impact you, email me for an astrology reading or go to my website, for more detail.

God Bless



Neo Pachisia

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After 20+ years of Studying and Practising Shamanic Healing, Mediumship, Energy Therapies, Alchemy, Psychology, Mythology and so forth--I have come to the grand conclusion that Healing happens Deo Concedente-God Willing I can be an instrument of healing, a very good one, used by spirit but eventually, the contract is between you and your Higheer Self. In the meanwhile I see clients on Skype, sometimes in person. I live in UK and India. God Bless
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