Cupcakes & milk prescribed for this New Moon in Cancer, July 16

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Hi Everyone

Hope you’ll had a fruitful and enjoyable month. For me, it was bordering on spectacular and as most things are for me, a source of profound learning.

So, for instance, on the one hand I watched with awe and envy the absolute self-assurance of the lions and leopards of Zambia (how I want to be) as they casually rambled through the woodlands of South Luangwa, on the other I felt sympathy but also a bit irritated with the timid and chronically stressed impalas (the way I often actually feel)!

But now back to reality and a very watery New Moon in 23 deg. of Cancer. What makes this month even more wobbly is that on the same day, Mercury Mars are in a tight conjunction at 14 deg of Cancer exactly opposite Pluto in Capricorn, not to mention Saturn, Neptune and Chiron also all in water signs as well.

Water is symbolic of the feeling nature, the container of life and Cancer is the sign of home, property, family and everything associated with it, sentimental, longing for ‘home’ and things past, the moodiness associated with fluctuating feelings, children and mothers.

Cancer and watery signs are also usually highly instinctive and when this theme is so dominant you are like a tuning fork, reverberating to every packet of information, every little undercurrent in your environment, so feeling most unsettled.

Watery phases also mark a period when you have to navigate your way through decisions via feelings rather than clear information. Like the constant movement of water, events and your thoughts are likely to keep changing and all you can do is keep adjusting and going with the flow.

Don’t try to make any firm decisions or commitments for at least the first week after the new moon, as either they’ll get washed out, or you’ll change your mind.

The cancer-capricorn axis represents, among other things, the polarity of family vs career and ambitions, and what you really feel within you in contrast to the image you project to the outside world.

The combination of Mercury, Mars and Pluto will also bring up some of these issues regarding family vs your goals to deal with. Pluto brings a laser like focus on your thinking and actions, forcing it to organise and prioritise but the watery realms don’t let you hold on to any thoughts for long, so you just wade through as best as you can and work on some kind of plan for the month ahead.

On the 23rd of July the Sun and Mercury move into Leo and bring some steadiness and clarity into where you need to go. The Sun, which is the heart of who we are, the spirit and the sense of Self within us, is strongest in his own sign and so it’s a good time to start focusing on what you want to be when you grow up! Pay attention to your own desires, what you would really do and want to do and if you were to strip away all internal and external societal conditioning who you really are rather than who you ‘should’ be.

This ‘awakening’ is also mirrored by Uranus, the iconoclast going retrograde for five months, starting July 26th. Uranus is the god of radical changes, of chaos and rebellion, of lightning like visions and breakthroughs. As it goes in ‘reverse’ gear, it gives you an opportunity to re-work some of your negative- beliefs and ideas and self-image and blockages, more so if it’s going over some of your personal planets.

On 3rd August, Jupiter squares Saturn and soon after goes into the very earthy and productive Virgo—after 12 years. Jupiter is the fire of imagination which leads to plans and Saturn is the grounding of earth what you need in order to execute that plan. So these two planets coming together provide a brief window (25 july —10th aug) to take some action, take a leap and go for something you’ve been meaning to do for a while. Jupiter saturn contacts are a good period to turn your vision into reality.

Then as Jupiter will stay in Virgo until September 2016 you can continue combining the very creative energies of fire and earth which are necessary to manifest anything of substance.

Having said that, Jupiter is not very comfortable in the constricting and precise Virgo. Jupiter is interested in the big picture and Virgo in the finer details. If you can somehow tame the passion and fire of Jupiter and use it to focus on a very specific project, like a metal-worker hammering a sheet of silver, or honing a skill, learning a craft, by the end of September 2016, you too will create something which has beauty, value and purpose.

But don’t expect the plans to manifest on their own just because the two elements are combined. I may think about painting every day, but oddly nothing seems to happen until I get the paints and brushes out!

The Full Moon on July 31st, in the airy and detached Aquarius will be like a breath of fresh air and bring a clear picture of what the earlier squelchy days have been about and what you need to do in order to stay out of the marshlands. Families provide tremendous succour and sense of belonging but if you don’t have some level of detachment they can also bog you down.

The cancer-capricorn axis always reminds me of the Kennedys and Nehru-Gandhi family in whose charts it was a signature theme ( The unbearable pressure on the individuals from their families and a sense of duty on the one end and his own personal goals on the other, led to many a tragic consequences in both these families.

So your intention on this new moon could be to do with resolving issues to do with : family, home, de-cluttering your home (cancers are big hoarders), visualizing and making some plans for a future project (when Jupiter goes through Virgo), making repairs and renovating your home, property.

If you have any queries I am happy to provide brief pointers. If you want a proper chart reading, you know how to find me.

I will be in India starting early August for a month. Do get in touch if you want to book some sessions.

In the meanwhile have a great month, stay blessed and stay safe.



Neo Pachisia

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After 20+ years of Studying and Practising Shamanic Healing, Mediumship, Energy Therapies, Alchemy, Psychology, Mythology and so forth--I have come to the grand conclusion that Healing happens Deo Concedente-God Willing I can be an instrument of healing, a very good one, used by spirit but eventually, the contract is between you and your Higheer Self. In the meanwhile I see clients on Skype, sometimes in person. I live in UK and India. God Bless
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