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Hello Everyone,

I am feeling tentatively excited about this full moon on the 31st because I think it’ll be a month of super healing–and who can’t do with some, right?!

I have solid evidence (well, the tarot and astrology combined with my own intuition) that suggests we need to take this opportunity and try to help ourselves as well–and not just count on God to do it. If by next month you are not feeling much better, you can quite rightfully go back into your slump 🙂 .

Ok, so here is a brief analysis of why I think ‘healing’ is the universal zeitgeist this month.

This full moon is a ‘blue moon’, a bit of a special event in astrological/astronomical worlds–means there are two full moons in a calendar month. The next blue moon will be in July 2015. Psychologically I would read it as the universe saying here’s a second chance.

The moon in 8 degrees of Pisces is conjunct (right next to) Chiron the centaur–extraordinary healer, teacher, complementary therapist. It is sextile Pluto, the God of the Underworld who too is associated with Healing!

Both these gods are world renowned for bringing out into the open and to the surface, our deepest issues, problems, fears that we have accidentally or deliberately repressed in our subconscious.

It is not going to be easy or pleasant–there is a reason why we repress something! But if you are fed up of living in that constant state of tension generated by a problem that you want to solve but are unable to–then this is a good month to confront it, get it out of the way and come into your power (well some of your power at least). Usually it’s a bloody relief to have to deal with it head on instead of continuously imagining how bad it could be.

Another interesting bit of evidence to support my analysis is the start of the Paralympics today, here in London. Doesn’t matter where these games are located, as most of us will see it on TV anyway–it’s what these games represent.

I am in absolute awe when I see a man with stumps for hands and a stump for a leg cheerfully checking out the swimming pool for his coming event.

Or the superhero, Oscar Pistorius, aka the Bladerunner–can’t wait to see him. He runs on some high tech prosthetics and is one of the fastest men on the planet.

Most of us can’t begin to imagine the kind of mind set, the self belief, the courage, discipline not to mention the radically self-pity free psyches these athletes must have. “If this isn’t good for my heart, I don’t know what is,” say I.

The tarot spread gives us this message on these levels:

Material: Innocence

A grey haired, bearded, cute chinese man chatting with a praying mantis perched on his fingers. The card suggests we try and return to a state of innocence which comes from a sense of playfulness and trusting.

If we are worrying about a situation or situations, which is leading to anxiety and fear, it’s time to drop this attitude. More often than not what we worry about doesn’t come to pass, we just end up wasting so much time and energy needlessly. So maybe just for this month we can find a way to be more childlike in the way we go through the day.

One way to also acquire that innocence is by becoming free of all excessive guilt–the most corrosive and useless of emotions.

Emotional: Ripeness

Picture of juicy red plums hanging from a tree and one of them falling as it has ripened. When the time is right, there is no struggle between tree and fruit–the tree just lets go. Something similar may be happening to us emotionally. There may be some kind of emotional fulfillment or completion of a phase on its way. You may be ready to release your energies, your gifts and share them with others.

You may be ready to fall in love again, to release a project, have an exhibition of your works, to teach cookery classes.. This card shows a moment of knowing that you are now ready to go out and share whatever it is you are ripe with.

Mental: Aloneness

“Loneliness is absence of the other. Aloneness is the presence of oneself,” says Osho. How enriching that thought is. I think the card is clearly saying that on a mental level we need to find space for ourselves.

What with the mobiles and internet, TV and such there is hardly a moment in our lives when we are not in some form of communication with others. When do we ever rest, listen to our deepest selves, our inner selves.

As I committed to myself last month, I did spend some bit of each day either meditating or doing my painting or doing something I enjoy and I am pleased to report that there Has been a recurrence of very interesting kind of energy flow within–like in a figure of a horizontal eight (also called infinity). Try drawing it and going over it for a few minutes to see how it feels!

Spiritual: Success

See, it’s the same tiger card as last time but in a position of spiritual message!! Finally! I think there’s coming some kind of celebration of your spiritual endeavors which has come to fruition. A realization, or a new-found skill or a new sense of Self will be the land mark this coming month.

I think it’s something to do with self-acceptance. A tiger does not suffer from self-doubts. I bet Oscar Pistorius does not tell himself, wow, I have no legs and yet I run so well. I believe he has accepted his body and gone on to do what he wants to do..that’s all.

High Self: Past Lives

Very interesting this card as only day before I came to the edge of realizing something about past lives. I totally believe in reincarnation and that we carry memories of our previous lives in our energy field. There are at least two kinds of memories–one, personal and other collective or universal which are memories of the planet and our collective experience, floating in the “akashic records”–a quantum field.

So in this month become conscious of patterns or themes that seem inexplicable and that have been recurring in your life–these events or moments could help you see with more clarity your life stream–where you have been, where you are and where you need to be in the future.

These could also provide glimpses into the source of your current problems and the resolution to them.

So you see I am justified in feeling positive that this coming month is going to be a breakthrough in some ways.

And do watch the Paralympics for some inspiration.

until next time,

take care and much love


Neo Pachisia

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After 20+ years of Studying and Practising Shamanic Healing, Mediumship, Energy Therapies, Alchemy, Psychology, Mythology and so forth--I have come to the grand conclusion that Healing happens Deo Concedente-God Willing I can be an instrument of healing, a very good one, used by spirit but eventually, the contract is between you and your Higheer Self. In the meanwhile I see clients on Skype, sometimes in person. I live in UK and India. God Bless
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