Neo Pachisia

20+ Years Specialist in Healing

Trauma symptoms, Anxiety, Stress, Negative Beliefs

The bigger the trauma, the deeper the wound, the longer it takes to heal and 
Sometimes you are so hurt and so angry you don’t WANT to heal.
Despite all the therapies and healing tools I can use with you, your recovery cannot happen without your own will and desire to heal.
Eventually, All Healing is Self Healing 

Are you feeling anxious, depressed, confused?
Are you feeling a loss of purpose, meaning & direction?
Do you feel you are not living up to your full potential?
Do you feel stuck or repeating a cycle of behavior?
Could these feelings be connected to an event, a trauma? To childhood conditioning? To the loss of a loved one?
You do not have to continue suffering-Call me If you need to HEAL emotionally, spiritually, physically – I can help.


I’ve had 20+ years of training and experience in a number of healing modalities including Shamanic Healing, Psychology, Energy Healing, EFT, Past Life Regression therapy, Astrology.
I customise the therapy for each client based on their needs and you could see the difference from the first session.
I work with clients long distance, over Skype and in person.
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I’ve found Shamanic Healing to be one of the most powerful healing methods and one of the primary universal tools for many symptoms and ailments.

Shamanic healing can help when you have symptoms of trauma, anxiety, emotional and physical ailments, negative patterns of behaviour, chronic series of misfortune in your life or within your family.

Shamanic Practitioners are healers who actively involve and partner with the spirit world, spirit guides, ancestral spirits, animals and plants to help bring healing in a person.

Healing can be dramatic, or seem so natural as if the person was going to get better anyway and just did (and so you may feel you wasted your money getting a session)!! It can happen suddenly within a week or over a few weeks..

You know healing has happened when something shifts in your attitude, in your thinking, behaviour, and you feel and act different but not sure why, you feel more centred and substantial within.

You do Not have to continue suffering-Life is Not meant to be a struggle.

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