Neo Pachisia

20+ Years Specialist in Healing

Trauma symptoms, Anxiety, Stress, Negative Beliefs

Are you feeling anxious, depressed, lost, confused?
Are you feeling a loss of purpose, meaning & direction?
Do you feel others are getting on in life, achieving, being successful but you are not?
Could these feelings be connected to an event, a trauma? To childhood? To the loss of a loved one?
Healing doesn’t have to take years—it can be a few sessions to get you unstuck and moving again!
It can be one session of a soul retrieval to get you to START to regain the self confidence, capacity to love, the zest for life you lost when you had the soul loss.
If you need help to HEAL emotionally, spiritually, physically, I could help.
I’ve had 20+ years of training and experience in a number of healing modalities, including Double Diplomas in Astrology from the CPA and FAS.
I work with clients over skype and in person.
Email me at for an initial 10 min FREE discussion.

EFT I do Shamanic healing when you have similar symptoms as say when you need EFT—trauma, negative patterns of behavior, physical issues, chronic series of misfortune in your life or within your family—but when Intervention from the Spirit world becomes necessary. I use shamanic practices to connect you to spirit, your spirit and animal guides, for releasing ancestral and karmic patterns, for soul retrieval, distant healing… Click to learn more

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